Security Office

Si vos can lego is, nos can effrego vestri genua.

Codes of Conduct

 Authority in EH Communications

The Emperor's Hammer Codes of Conduct are the guidelines all members are required to follow on all Emperor's Hammer communications venues. These include all official Emperor's Hammer IRC channels, the Emperor's Hammer Forums, The Fringe Communications venues, the EH Steam Group, Group Mailing lists or EH email chain, and any other official gathering place for members of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. In general: if the EH pays for it or sponsors the communications forum or method, the CoC's apply, if not they don't. Incase of a member breaking these guidelines enforcement is up to which ever Administrators are present. For the Fourms, Steam Group and Mailing lists it falls on the Moderators, IRC the Channel Op's, The Fringe the DO. A:DO. or other guild leadership depending on whose present. For the sake of simplicity they will be refered to as 'Admin' for the rest of this document. Serious infractions should be sent to the Security Officer and the Judge Advocate General to determine the best course of action. Any reported infractions will be investigated to the fullest by the Security Office. All members are ambassadorsfor the Emperor's Hammer and should hold themselves to the Codes of Conduct wherever they are.

The CoC's are intended to maintain some semblance of order in the chaos that is the Internet, and also to maintain the reputation of the Emperor's Hammer. In general approach things with a modicum of civility and display attributes of professionalism, honor, courtesy and honesty and you'll have no problems. Frequent swearing, personnel attacks, and in general acting like the monstrous egotists that breed in the cesspool that is the Internet puts you at risk of losing access to these EH privileges. (IE: being banned from communications channels, being guild kicked, suspension of forums access, and/or being referred to the Security Office and Judge Advocate General) Remember that being drunk or otherwise medicated is not an acceptable excuse for violating the CoC's.

However despite all this offences will occur. Members are to be reminded that although our Admin's will make every attempt to assist people online, the Emperor's Hammer can't be held responsible for online chat comments, harassment, etc. All we can do is to enforce our Codes of Conduct, and Bylaws with respect to the membership. Members and visitors are to be reminded that the Internet isn't necessary a safe place and some precautions should be taken when online such as not giving out your personnel information to strangers.

Remember the Bylaws, Articles of War, and Privacy Policy are in Full Effect for all EH Operations.

In the event of a Violation the highest ranking Admin has the final say in any actions taken.

 Security Office Intro

The Codes of Conduct are the guidelines of behavior all members are REQUIRED to follow when on any Emperor's Hammer communications venue. This represents the latest revisions to the CoC's to bring them up to date, clarify several things that have been ambiguous, to have them apply across all EH communications, and to lessen the chances of the CoC's being abused. Also some CoC's that were no longer needed have been removed. Finally several new rules have been added in the interests of ensuring everyone has a good time while taking part in Emperor's Hammer activities.

-Security Office

 General CoC's

Do NOT Abuse Ops, X Access, Moderator Access or Other Admin Powers.

Ops Abuse is defined as Kicking/Banning without a proper reason, unnecessarily changing a topic or setting +m without a reason. Moderator abuse is defined as banning accounts, deleting posts, locking threads or editing other peoples posts without a proper reason to do so. This also includes abuse of guild admin powers, or other admin abilities. Members trusted with such access should issue a warning atleast once before taking action against an offender. In some cases a warning is deemed unnecessary such as when dealing a repeat offender, to stop an imminent threat, or when dealing with someone on the Security Offices Most Wanted List.


  • First Offence - Suspension of all Admin privileges pending an investigation by the SO, COMM, JAG and/or other relevent authority.

Do NOT Nuke/ICMP/Operate Spambot/Other DoS/etc.

Nuking, ICPM, Spam Bots and other forms of Denial of Service Attacks are strictly forbidden. This not only denies the fun and enjoyment members can have on IRC and other venues, but it is also Illegal. This also includes launching these forms of attacks on web servers, or signing up spam accounts on the EH or other forums. Such actions while representing the EH risk giving the Emperor's Hammer bad name.


  • Any Offence - Banning from all EH venues for an Indefinite amount of time. Also because of the severity of this offence the SO, COMM and JAG should be notified immediately so an investigation can be conducted. See AoW: 4.11

Do NOT Intentionally Distribute Malicious Software

Willfully distributing malicious software is strictly forbidden. Malicious software includes but isn't limited to; Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, Rootkits, Spyware, Botnets, Keystroke Loggers, and Data Stealing Malware. These types of programs not only deprive members of their fun, but also compromise their computers security, damage their data and can cause their personnel information to be stolen.


  • Any Offence - Banning from all EH venues for an Indefinite amount of time. Also because of the severity of this offence the SO, COMM and JAG should be notified immediately so an investigation can be conducted. See AoW: 4.11

Do NOT Flood

Flooding is dumping a large amount of text on a chat channel in a short amount of time, the repetition of statements, spamming mailing lists or the forums. Repetitionof statements in a chatroom, spamming guild or spacial chat, replying to every active thread on the forums with useless information, overuse of colors on IRC, etc are all considered forms of flooding.


  • See Class 3 Offence

Do NOT Impersonate an Officer

Impersonating an officer can be as simple as changing your name, be it on the forums, IRC or in SWG to a rank or position you do not hold, changing your name to another persons known nick or completely changing all information (ident, hostmask, spoofing an email address etc.) as well as name and pretending to be someone they are not.


  • See Class 1 Offence

Do NOT Openly Disobey a Superior Officer

If an Admin or superior officer gives an order or takes some form of disciplinary action against someone, they are not to be contradicted or argued with in public. If you have a disagreement with an order or action speak to them in private, yelling about it in public won't accomplish anything. If a superior officer gives an order to a junior officer whether EH or in some way related to the communications venue, it must be followed, unless the following of such would result in violating the CoC's or AoW's. Command Hierarchy is in effect on all communications venues and must be followed.


  • First and any Offence - This is known as Insubordination (see AoW's 4.3 and 4.4) and is dealt with severely. The violation of this CoC is to be taken up directly with the SO, COMM, JAG, and in the case of the Fringe the DO and/or A:DO for proper disciplinary action.

Do NOT Discuss Piracy

Discussion of Piracy on Emperor's Hammer communication venues gives the organization a bad name, especially considering we're an organization based around gaming. Therefore the discussion of torrent sites, sites dealing with the bypassing of DRM, and other piracy related discussion are forbidden.


  • See Class 2 Offence

Do NOT Post Links to Piracy Sites

Linking to places that illegally distribute copyrighted materials or sites that deal in the bypassing of the DRM on copyrighted materials is not allowed on Emperor's Hammer communications venues. As an organization that's based around gaming, it reflects badly if members are are preserved to be illegally obtaining copyrighted materials. The last thing we want is for the Emperor's Hammer to be viewed as a gathering place for pirates.


  • See Class 2 Offence

Do NOT Grief or Exploit

This is unbecoming of an Imperial Officer and is not tolerated. Examples of this are: Intentionally triple incapping, kill/mission stealing, using bugs in game to gain advantages, etc. This also applies when representing the Emperor's Hammer in all online gaming events: Star Wars Galaxies when wearing the EH guild tag or any other online platform supported by the EH where your representing the organization. Cheating of any form while representing the Emperor's Hammer reflects badly on the whole organization and will be punished in accordance with the Articles of War, section 4.7.


  • This is a Class 1 Offence. This should be dealt with the same as all other cheating offences in the EH ie: pilot file editing, mission file editing etc and be sent to the SO and JAG for further investigation.
 Personnel Relations

Do NOT Feed the Troll

A troll is someone who attempts to provoke an emotional response by making inflammatory statements in an online venue. If someone is trolling on an Emperor's Hammer communications venue, the last thing you want to do is encourage them to keep trolling. It has been discovered that the best way to get rid of a troll is to ignore them. All arguing with a troll accomplishes is feeding the trolls ego, and making yourself worse then the problem. Instead report the troll to the relevant Admin's and otherwise ignore them.


  • First and any offence - A warning for feeding the troll will be issued.

Do Respect Others and Their Feelings

When talking in an EH venue, be wary of topics of conflict or those that cause harm or hurt to a member. If this is the case, then that topic of conversation should be ceased immediately. Offensive topics can be anything from music, to religion, to politics, so keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable with any discussion. In the event of an uncontrolled flamewar the Admin's should takethe necessary steps to restore order. Extreme cases should be taken up with the relevant authorities ie: DO, A:DO, SO and/or JAG depending on where the flamewar took place.

Do NOT Insult Others on a Level External to Star Wars

Insulting anyone on an EH venue that is not Star Wars related is strictly forbidden. This includes insulting on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc. Insults on a Star Wars level are allowed such as Imperials vs Rebels, nerf herder etc.


  • See Class 2 Offence

Do Keep Swearing to a Minimum

Occasional swearing will be tolerated, but over using it will result in action being taken. The Chat standards have always been to keep things to a PG-13 rating, and in a PG-13 you can get some occasional swearing, just don't over do it. This includes swearing in English or another Language. If you must you can self censor yourself using a string of asterisks in place of actual swearing.


  • See Class 3 Offence

Do NOT Use Discriminatory Speech

Discriminatory Speech is any term that abuses or belittles a member based on their race, religion, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability etc. There is a zero tolerance for these terms in the Emperor's Hammer. Please be advised that usage of such terms against another member of the Emperor's Hammer can put you at risk of facing disciplinary action from the SO, COMM, JAG, or other relevant authorities as outlined in the Articles of war section 4.12.


  • Class 2 Offence

Do NOT Intentionally Annoy People

Different people have different annoyance levels. If you notice your actions are getting on someone's nerves stop immediately. It is up to the Admin's to decide when to take action, and what action is to be taken, within reason. Someone can be considered annoying when a person or persons are disgusted with the persons behavior, actions or conversation. Repetition of statements, constant complaining, being a drama cow, constant use of colors, or rants can be considered annoying. Using repeating autoaway messages, auto-greet scripts, or speaking in a foreign language also fall under this but hold lesser penalties. NOTE: This is NOT to be used as an excuse to abuse people around you don't like. Anyone found to be doing so will be violating the ban on Admin Power abuse and be subject to a good kicking by the Security Office.


  • See Class 3 Offence

Do NOT Link to Pages/Images That are Above a PG-13

Being a family organization, at times there may be minors on Emperor's Hammer communication venues. There for linking to web pages or images depicted sexually explicit or other 'adult' content is banned.


  • See Class 2 Offence

Do Help all Other Members Whenever Possible

From time to time there will be other members in need of assistance whether it be related to the EH, the various EH gaming platforms, technical help or otherwise. Do offer what assistance you can or refer them to someone who can if you are unable to. All members are encouraged to help each other whenever possible.

Do NOT Take Yourself too Seriously

It never pays to have an over inflated ego or to think that everyone is beneath you. Always be able to take a step back and laugh at yourself and your mistakes. Taking yourself too seriously can cause others to needle you whenever they get the opportunity, so don't give them the chance to.

Do be Representative of all the Emperor's Hammer

A member of the Emperor's Hammer is a well-respected person, with high standards, is honorable and extremely loyal. These qualities are to be extended whenever you are representing the EH. In addition, any members of clubs with whom we are at war, and their allies are not allowed in any EH venue and are to be dealt with immediately. From past incidents, it has been agreed that the membership of these clubs and the EH be separated.

 IRC specific

Do NOT Bring Clones on a Channel

Cloning is joining a channel where 2 or more copies of yourself are already present. This is allowed only in special cases with COMM/SO Approval. Caution must be taken to ensure they are clones and not Ghosts. Ghosts are left when someone has a Ping timeout and aren't actually active identities. The Ping Command can be used to sort that out.


  • First offence - 1 Warning
  • Second Offence - Kicking of All clones and a ban not to exceed 30 minutes.
  • Further Offences - Depending on the severity of the offence, a ban of 1-5 days may be imposed on the Clones.

Do NOT Use Auto-Greets in an EH Channel

Scripts or other programs that automatically greet people are Banned in all EH channels. These are highly annoying and not tolerated. (see annoying behavior)


  • First offence - 1 warning and the offender is asked to remove the script.
  • Second Offence - If the script isn't removed or the warning ignored a 10 minute ban will be imposed.
  • Further Offences - User will be Banned from all Official EH channels until the script can be removed.

Do NOT use Unauthorized Bots on Official EH channels

Any bots that are to be used in Official Emperor's Hammer channels must be cleared with the COMM first. This means sending a copy of the Scripts and any relevant information about the bot.


  • First Offence - 1 Warning and the offender is asked to remove the bot.
  • Second Offence - If the bot isn't removed or the warning ignored a 10 minute ban will be imposed.
  • Further Offences - User and the bot will be banned from all official EH channels for no less then a day, and no more then 1 week.

Do NOT be in a Piracy or Sex Channel

This is an offence that (for some) crosses the morality barrier and also violates international law. As the Emperor's Hammer is a respectable family club, we do not want out image tarnished by certain elements of Internet society being in our channels while on channels that deal in Illegal materials or explicit content. Trading of warez, or File Sharing of copyrighted materials is a federal offence in the United States as well as being illegal internationally. Note: this also includes MP3 (music) files and other copyrighted materials pirated both off the web or in said warez channels.


  • First Offence - Kicked, with the kick message asking the offender to leave the associated channel. If the violation persists, bans will be issued, increasing in time as the number of violations increases.

Class 1

  • IRC:

  • First Offence - A warning and a kick.
  • Further Offences - Ban from all Official Channels for no more then a day.
  • Note: The SO, COMM and JAG should be notified if someone commits a class 1 violation.
  • Forums/Mail Lists:

  • First Offence - a warning and possible suspension of forum/mail list access for 24 hours.
  • Further Offences - Suspension of access pending an investigation by the SO and JAG
  • Fringe:

  • First Offense - The violation of this CoC is to be directly taken up with DO or A:DO for any disciplinary action.
  • In certain cases the SO and JAG should also be notified.

Class 2

  • IRC:

  • First Offence - 1 warning will be issued.
  • Second offence - Offender will be kicked and told to stop.
  • Further Offences - Offender will be banned for a length of time not to exceed 30 minutes
  • Forums/Mail Lists:

  • First Offence - 1 warning will be issued.
  • Second offence - Offenders Access will be suspended for 24 Hours
  • Further Offences - Offenders access will be suspended pending an investigation by the SO and JAG
  • Fringe:

  • First Offense - Verbal Reprimand and two week probationary period.
  • Further Offenses - Removal from the guild at the discretion of the DO and A:DO.

Class 3

  • IRC

  • First Offence - Offender will be warned to stop
  • Further Offences - Further actions will be left at the discretion of Ops, but must be within in reason.
  • Forums/Mail Lists:

  • First Offence - 1 warning will be issued.
  • Further offences - Action to be determined by the Mods, but must be within reason.
  • Fringe:

  • Penalty: First Offense - Verbal Reprimand
  • Second Offense - Two week probationary period.
  • Further Offenses - Removal from the guild at the discretion of the DO and A:DO
 Logging and Reporting Incidents.

Any incident that results in the suspension of privileges of an individual should be immediately reported to the SO, COMM, JAG and/or any other relevant authorities (DO, A:DO in the case of the Fringe) along with evidence, identities of involved parties and a summery of actions taken. Evidence should include for IRC; time stamped logs and a /Whois query of everyone involved. For Forums/Mail List; the email's in question should be forwarded along with the identities of those involved including IP addresses if possible. For the Fringe; Screenshots of the offence, identities of those involved and a summery of what took place. This is so if questioned why privileges were suspended a reason can be provided. Also this helps the Security Office and JAG in determining if further action is needed.

Any EH member found violating the above will be given ONE email warning by the Security Office, or the DO in the case of the Fringe. A second offence could result in Court Marital in accordance with the EH Articles of War by the JAG.