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Si vos can lego is, nos can effrego vestri genua.

Security Office Report #55

Wake up Emperor's Hammer Territories, This is Fleet Admiral Conker Blackwood Lord and Master of all i see. First up, this weeks motivational poster.

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Security Office News

Everyone was behaving this week, congrats.

Random Executions Will resume on their regular scedual due to the SO having a bad week.

Computer Security News

Mcdonalds Phishing Scam.

Critical bug found in Opera.

Mark Zuckerbergs facebook page hacked.

Chrome And Firefox do not track feture has fatal flaw.

Old Amazon account passwords vulnerable to cracking.

Attackers using social network for command and control.

Conflicker still a threat.

Why you should care about HTTPS.

5 busted in Annomous DDoS attacks.

Fake AV adds appear on icq.

Are you in danger of phone call hacking?

Top Crimeware hosting provider taken offline.

Riskiest social media applications.

State of facebook security.

Ad Widgets delivering malware?

Crimeware toolkits driving most online malware.

New way to hack into your cellphone?

Bohu takes aim at the cloud.

Other News

100 p2p pirates do 75% of all downloading.

california congressman wants videogames to carry warning label.

Latest tech in bicycles.

How to thaw frozen pipes.

Facebook awarded $360 million in damages from spammer.

Smugglers use catapult to send drugs over border.

Kansas woman wants to outlaw "hurtful" comments on memorial websites.

Disney restructures videogame department, lays off 200.

"What is Wrong with People?"

Why People Make Malware.

What The....

Town to heat pool with crematorium.

Home Depot Fail.

If you need this advice....

Not the best time for a photo.

Equipment malfunction.

This Weeks Security Top Tip.

How to completely erase a hard drive.

And now some quotes:
  • (`Fenris`) Meanwhile, is Dempsey alive?
  • (@`FA_Conker) Dempsey is a tie mission making techncally no
  • (@SA_Rapier) yes, alive may be to strong a word
-FA Conker Blackwood