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Si vos can lego is, nos can effrego vestri genua.

Security Office Report #69

Wake up Emperor's Hammer Territories, This is Fleet Admiral Conker Blackwood Lord and Master of all i see. First up, this weeks motivational poster.

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Security Office News

People were behaving, congrats.

Random Executions Will resume at a double schedule until September.

Security Office Report Delayed due to domain issues. Those Responsible have had their houses set on fire with lemons, and they've been put in the chamber where all the droids scream at you until further notice.

The Security Office is issuing a warning to all members using Online services provided by Sony. This includes both SoE and PSN. Change your account passwords, any other accounts that use the same password, and keep an eye on those credit cards. Also watch for phishing in your inbox.

Computer Security News

Osama Bin Laden is dead malware.

12,700 credit card numbers stolen from Sony Online Entertainment.

More on SoE data Breach.

Sony Breach due to outdated unpatched servers?

PC rental store accused of spying on customers.

Judge rules IP addresses aren't people.

Michaels warns of possible data breach.

Mac OSX crimeware kit.

PDF malware learns new tricks.

Osama spam hits facebook.

Forged memory fools antimalware.

Lastpass resets all users passwords following possible breach.

Facebook targeted by 2 new malware variants.

Is storing your passwords in the cloud safe?

Bestbuy Email breached, again.

Sony Hack caps recent string of security horror shows.

Osama execution video facebook scam.

Malware campaign impersonates FBI.

Malware for mothers day.

Rogueware targets Mac.

Other News

How Osama was found.

Pakistan twitter users capture raid on Bin Laden.

The Law school ripoff.

House calls 911.

Bin Laden to get Red X treatment on Time Magazine.

Kids able to escape car seats while in motion.

So that's how they found him.

Scientists trap Antimatter for record 16 minutes.

Welcome 3d transistors.

Chevy recalls 150k cars, to check steering shaft.

George Washington's beer recipe. =D

New Study: Not Eating Salt Will Kill You.

Rappers Sue Cnet for distributing Limewire.

Al-qaeda confirms Bin Laden's death.

Crude Dropped in series of mini flash crashes.

"What is Wrong with People?"

V8 supercar explodes.

Nitrous Backfire.

Wall sockets....their complicated.

Osama humor.

Woman driver of the week.

Caption Fail.

A Weedwacker, the Preferred device to fight the cops.

Chair 4 Moron 0.

This kid should just be shot.

Skateboarding with a sword....really?

Another not reproducing.

Physics...its important.

Why Humanity is doomed.

Tree the pros.


Perfect Fathers Day Gift.

3 year old with blow torch....nuff said.

This Weeks Security Top Tip.

How to avoid spreading disinformation on the internet.

And now some quotes:
  • @FA_Conker throws a combustible lemon at rapier
  • (@SA_Rapier) no burning houses down
  • (@FA_Conker) fine...ill burn down your office =P
-FA Conker Blackwood