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Si vos can lego is, nos can effrego vestri genua.

Security Office Report #75

Wake up Emperor's Hammer Territories, This is Fleet Admiral Conker Blackwood Lord and Master of all i see. First up, this weeks motivational poster.

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Security Office News

People were behaving, congrats.

Random Executions Will resume at a double schedule until September.

Computer Security News

Bounced Email Malware.

26,000 porn website passwords exposed by lulzsec.

Meet the new faces of fake antivirus malware.

Citigroup Hacked.

Microsoft patches 34 vulnerabilities.

Java updated.

Dial a hacker.

10 most common iphone passcodes.

Facebook facial recognition flops.

Worlds first virtual heist?

Microsoft investigates emerging internet phone scam.

Sega Pass hacked.

Microsoft security essentials update coming next week.

Anonymous press release.

Free web hosting a boon to phishers.

LulzSec DDOS rampage.

Other News

Implant assassins.

Girl survives rabies without vaccine.

Ban It Now!

Steam launches free to play section.

Google voice search.

Apple Store Employees not allowed to say unfortunately.

Duke Nukem's PR team turns hostile after bad reviews.

Crappy security has caught up with us.

Huge Decline in autorun abusing malware.

Why cyberattacks are difficult to trace.

Is geek Squad the best place to seek computer help?

"What is Wrong with People?"

KFC helps fight diabetes with 64oz pepsi.

This week in gullibility.

3 balls.

call a dentist.

Crane operator of the week.


Musket Ball Slingshot.

Total Moron.

Acually...good advice.

Facebook....not the place to find a hitman.

Reason number 932 to NOT call 911.

Woman driver of the week.

Words Fail me......

Car within a van.

Multitasking isn't always a good idea.

Hysteria is bad.

I Don't want to live on this planet anymore......

This Weeks Security Top Tip.

Googles "me on the web" service alerts you to personnel data links.

And now some quotes:
  • (Gio_Palermo) I'm a cultureless American :P
-FA Conker Blackwood