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Security Office Report #89

Wake up Emperor's Hammer Territories, This is Fleet Admiral Conker Blackwood Lord and Master of all i see. First up, this weeks motivational poster.

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Security Office News

Everyone was behaving this week, congrats.

Random Executions to be determined by Sunday Night Football.

Computer Security News

Safeshare, avoid malicious links on facebook.

Windows 8 to ship with built in AV.

Hackers break SSL.

Hundreds of go daddy sites compromised to serve malware.

Android bugs allow secret malware install.

Were going to sue spam leads to malware.

Adobe issues emergency flash patch.

Facebook timeline to be boon for hackers.

Fake diablo beta invites.

Diginotar files bankruptcy.

Why hackers don't need to be smart.

Bots troll hacker forums to discover data breaches.

Other News

Scientists find way to disarm aids virus.

Gamers unlock protein mystery that baffled aids researchers.

Dell calls post PC era nonsense.

Hands on Google wallet.

NFL teams warned about faking injuries.

Netflix getting Discovery shows.

California bans warrantless cellphone searches.

this week in recalls.

Feds seize illegal pest poison.

Valve be trolling.

Execs for bankrupt solar company take the fifth.

Sangria now legal in California.

TSA scanners cant seem to detect weapons through shiny clothing.

"What is Wrong with People?"

Hunter of the week.


Don't quit your day job.

WHats the worst that could happen?

Kid of the week.

How lazy can you be?

Dumb prosecutor of the week.

Customer brain isn't connected.

Bad location.



SOmething may be wrong here.

Women driver of the week.


And now Video Of The Week

-FA Conker Blackwood