About the Secret Order

The Secret Order is a subgroup of the Emperor's Hammer, a historied Star Wars fan club that has supported Star Wars gaming and fan content since 1995. This has been through the establishment of various thematic groups that deliver community, collaboration, competition and a Star Wars flavored experience that picks up at the fringes of official media. The original trilogy of Star Wars movies depicted the conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. The Emperor's Hammer has a roleplay aspect to it in that our structure is based on our idea of how a piece of the Empire might have continued the fight after the tragedy at Endor.

The Secret Order is a group that thematically encapsulates a Star Wars Universe where Sith and their functionaries utilizing their power with the dark side of the force seek domination through subjugation and control or violence and warfare. Where members play supported games, across various platforms, take part in competitions and share their creativity all towards the advancement and accolades of their Secret Order persona.

Both existing members of the Fleet and those that are new are welcome to join the Secret Order. These Dark Jedi gain force powers, ranks within their Order, awards, positions in a Dark Jedi House or Clan, the ability to bear lightsabers at Emperor's Hammer functions, and prestige as they contribute to the Secret Order.


Existing members of the Emperor's Hammer (any of its subgroups) may join the Secret Order by accessing the Subgroup Membership section of your account management tools while logged into the site.

Prospective members that have never been a member of the Emperor's Hammer (any of its subgroups) should use the button below to submit a new member request that will direct you into the Secret Order.

To learn more about the structure and operations of the Secret Order, please access the Dark Side Compendium, the Secret Order's primary reference material.