Reports provide a platform for members of the Emperor's Hammer serving in leadership or staff roles to disseminate information concerning their unit or area of responsibilities.

Emperor's Hammer Command Staff
Fleet Commander 58 reports
Executive Officer 51 reports
Security Officer 141 reports
Internet Officer 199 reports
Training Officer 114 reports
Tactical Officer 219 reports
Reconnaissance Officer 208 reports
Communications Officer 126 reports
Logistics Officer 105 reports
Science Officer 131 reports
Imperial Sovereign Protector 14 reports
Dark Council
Grand Master 175 reports
Commander of the Guard 145 reports
Master-at-Arms 140 reports
Headmaster 13 reports
Assistants to the Dark Council
No reports available
Drakonan 315 reports
No reports available
Palpatine 88 reports
Dark Councils
Dark Council 4 reports