Preator to the MAA

INQ Taurus

07 April, 2024 16:46
32 ABY

Since his appointment to Magistrate to the MAA, Legion Ordo has contributed a tremendous bit. From Constant pitching in into competitions, actually designing and running them and collecting data for new Games. He has helped as MAA in large parts and i want to honor this bit with his Elevation to Preator within my Office.
Congratulation Legion, keep up the good Work!

The Acolyte Official Trailer

RA Alexandre Morgan

19 March, 2024 15:52
32 ABY

The first trailer for the upcoming show The Acolyte has been published! Slated to premier beginning with two episodes on June 4th, the show will take place one hundred years before the events of The Phantom Menace. The show promises to highlight a darker aspect of Star Wars lore, with the tagline "In An Age Of Light - A Darkness Rises."

Click the image below to watch the trailer!

The Acolyte Poster

It's Movie Night: The Last Starfighter

HA Turtle Jerrar

17 March, 2024 21:21
32 ABY

Join us on the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps Discord on Monday, 18 March at 1930 Eastern/2330 UTC for a watch party: The Last Starfighter, hosted by Commander OL"Davy Jonez.

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

15 March, 2024 14:09
32 ABY

Soldiers of Battlegroup III, we are engaged in FIVE separate battles for the very soul of the Rift today. This has been a long campaign and it is nearly finished. We must hold the line and free these worlds from the slavery the Marmalades will inflict if we fail today.

For the Emperor’s Hammer!

Helldivers 2 & Battlefront Classic Support

D Surgo

12 March, 2024 16:58
32 ABY

The Secret Order will support two new games: Helldivers 2 immediately, and Battlefront Classic upon its release on March 14.

“HELLDIVERS™ 2 is a 3rd person squad-based shooter that sees the elite forces of the Helldivers battling to win an intergalactic struggle to rid the galaxy of the rising alien threats. From a 3rd person perspective, players use a variety of weapons (pistols, machine guns, flamethrowers) and stratagems (turrets, airstrikes, etc.) to shoot and kill the alien threats. Players can also aim down the sights for a more accurate 1st person camera view.”

As Helldivers is a PvE game, it will not be eligible for Clusters of Fire, but is eligible for competitions and as activity towards your monthly evaluations. Once the Path system is implemented, it will be used towards earning experience points. Please record the number of successful missions you've played and submit these to your House Quaestor at the end of the month using this form:

This form will change monthly and be posted. This will eventually be replaced with an "upload match" functionality similar to what we have for reporting matches in the TC, but we're not quite there yet.

With its launch, we will also open up a new competition: The Illumine Strike Back: Helldivers 2

Play as many games as possible, and earn bonuses for playing with other EH members. (They don't have to be SO members.)

Battlefront Classic also returns and will be supported for Clusters of Fire. Support here is pretty straightforward and works like our other platforms.

We're opening up a new competition here as well: Get in, Trooper!. Submit Clusters of Fire as usual, and the Master-at-Arms will grant you one point per kill. The top seven will earn Crescents, and the top player may additionally earn a Kaiburr Star if they submit at least 50 matches.

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

12 March, 2024 16:08
32 ABY

Soldiers of Battlegroup III, to your ships! We are fighting multiple battles across the Rift to stop the insidious spread of the Marmalade menace.

Our forces are working to liberate two separate worlds from the tyrannical religious slavery that has been visited upon them. In the battle for A697 we have beaten back the first wave, but a second wave has descended on our forces, this time with near equal firepower. However in the battle for P3009 we vastly out match the pitiful forces the Enleavened Janitor Kale has sent against us.

To arms! For the Emperor’s Hammer!

Report from the ISDII Challenge

CM Jagged Fell III

11 March, 2024 12:55
32 ABY

One thing that has troubled this reporter since the inception of this war with the Kilji has been their rapid technological advancement in recent decades.

From the records of Grand Admiral Thrawn, and those of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, we know that the last time the Kilji Illumine sent a Kilhorde into the Chaos regions around Chiss space their ships used simple Electrostatic Barriers instead of shields and Spectrum Lasers rather than turbolasers. Also their largest ship, the flagship of their Generalirius, would barely been as large as a Victory Class Star Destroyer. Now their fleet are peer equals to our own, with their flagship for a mere General as large as a SSD. How did they advance so quickly? How did they build such a large fleet?

The Kilhorde that was sent into this region 50 years ago could easily have been completely annihilated by just one of our Battlegroups, if not by just one ISDII and her support ships. How are they fielding a fleet bigger than three of our Battlegroups?

We begin to see some answers from the data obtained by the Secret Order. Their shield systems and weapons design have striking similarities to those of the Trade Federation during the waining days of the Clone Wars. Is it possible that a faction of those insurrectionists found shelter from the justice due to them out here in the Unknown Regions? Once again, Grand Admiral Thrawn's records show that he destroyed a similar group of Neimoidians who also had tried to hide here in the Chaos after the Clone Wars. Did another group also do the same but were found by the recently devastated Kilji?

Are we now fighting the descendents of the forces that plunged the galaxy into the horrors of war? A war from which our glorious Empire rose to prevent any more like it in the future?