House Construction

D Surgo

11 June, 2024 14:49
32 ABY

House Palpatine has grown to sixty members- which, while excellent, means it's time to split, allowing us to run more complex competitions and provide additional leadership opportunities. Once we have multiple houses, you can expect a series of Vendettas which will involve canonical ownership of assets!

If you're interested in joining the new house, please let Darth Surgo know; we'll want to seed the new house with existing members, and ideally with people interested in starting something new-- or otherwise we'll start picking people at random. (The current QUA, KNT Locke Setzer, won't take it personally. I won't even tell him who was randomly assigned vs asked, unless he bribes me with the right stuff.)


  • Have passed DBCORE
  • Pass, or plan to pass, the General Leadership course (which is a smidge outdated, but good enough to get a general sense of things)
  • Propose and explain a name for the new House (which won't necessarily be chosen, but I'd like you to put some thought into it)
  • Explain why you're interested in the position

Anyone can apply. Please contact Darth Surgo if you are interested in House leadership, or if you'd like to join the new House.

New TFTC Battles!

FA Pickled Yoda

10 June, 2024 01:41
32 ABY

The Tactical Office is pleased to announce two new battles from the prolific Jagged Fell III!

TFTC-TC #2 and TFTC-IW #1 are both based on the X-Wing series of books.

The Wavpacks contain high quality audio for messages and briefings as well as excellent backdrops and craft skins. They are large downloads but well worth your time.

Please note the installation instructions carefully as some base TFTC files need to be backed up manually.

Star Wars: Hunters

D Surgo

04 June, 2024 14:08
32 ABY

Star Wars: Hunters launches globally today, for Android, iPhone, and Nintendo Switch. We will officially support this game on launch, following the existing procedures for submitting matches for Clusters of Fire - emailing our Master-at-Arms victory screenshots if you're in the top 50% of players by score.

As with all new platforms, it's possible that rules or awards may be adjusted, but for now, we'll treat it just like any other platform.

Good luck, and find victory for the Emperor's Hammer!

Scheduled Maintenance Period

HA Turtle Jerrar

03 June, 2024 22:20
32 ABY

On 4 June 2024 we will have a scheduled maintenance period from 23:00 to 23:59 UTC. During this time, the main web site and APIs will be unavailable. This maintenance period will support the deployment of updated code for multiplayer match scoring and data quality work/conversion of legacy data.

This update will also include support for Star Wars: Hunters (SWH) matches in the TIE Corps beginning on 5 June. Please watch for additional guidance from the TIE Corps leadership team concerning SWH.

Multiplayer 2 Updated

AD Sylas Pitt

07 May, 2024 23:04
32 ABY

The Training Office is proud to announce the update of Multiplayer 2 to Multiplayer 3. Thanks to the hard work of MAJ JetMech, AD Jaxx Nassin, and GN Silwar Naiilo, we are proud to publish this much-needed update to one of the most important courses for the TIE Corps.

All contributors will receive a Medal of Scholarship. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to expanding the Imperial University's body of knowledge.

Check out the course here!

Jagged Fell III Awarded the Gold Star of the Empire

FA John T. Clark

07 May, 2024 17:25
32 ABY

From the Tactical Officer FA Pickled Yoda:

Jagged Fell has delivered groundbreaking work for the Tactical Office and the Emperor's Hammer Battle Center.

He has reached new heights of creation with his use of modern speech generation tools to add audio message content to XWA and TFTC battles. In addition to the audio, the battles themselves are meticulously crafted and diligently prepared.

TFTC is still in its infancy as a platform. Jagged has been the first to grapple with the additional complexities and powerful options that it offers. More impressively than that, he has been documenting his knowledge for the benefit of future creators. His hard work in pushing the frontiers of battle creation will be more straightforward for those who follow.

Jagged Fell has delivered exceptional service to the fleet and should be awarded the Gold Star of the Empire!

Congratulations on this award of excellence, CM Jagged Fell III!

New TFTC Battle!

FA Pickled Yoda

01 May, 2024 02:18
32 ABY

The Tactical Office is pleased to announce the release of the first ever custom content for the TIE Fighter Total Conversion for XWA (TFTC).

Commander Jagged Fell III has been working exceptionally hard on making TFTC battles and discovering the amazing possibilities of the platform.

TFTC-TC 1: Anti-Rogue Squadron: Battle for Coruscant is a conversion of his first two Anti-Rogue XWA battles.

We highly recommend installing the Wav Pack. Jagged has put a lot of effort into audio files, skins, medals and planet backdrops.

Note: TFTC custom content is a new platform and not supported by the EHBL. Please read the installation instructions carefully, particularly about the backups that need to be made. We are working on improving the process.

Two frees were also released:

  • TFTC-F 1: A Changing of the Guard, also by Jagged
  • XvT F 246: Challenge Summer Cook-out! by Locke Setzer.

Conclusion of The Guard 32 ABY T1: Introitus

INQ Taurus

01 May, 2024 00:56
32 ABY

Over the last four months the Inbox of the MAA has seen numerous Clusters of Fire as well as many completed Singleplayer-Missions.
All of these submissions were compiled in the First Competition to elect the Guard that will protect our secrets and fight our battles.

These are the six selected Guardians:

  • Guardian of the Dark Council: ST Habu
  • Guardian of the First Circle: WAR TheBlackxRanger
  • Guardian of the Second Circle: MRD KEBLAOMEGA
  • Guardian of the Third Circle: KNT Locke Setzer
  • Guardian of the Fourth Circle: ST Brutalist
  • Guardian of the Fifth Circle: MRD Vanguard

You've earned the right to the Purple Robes and the Force Pikes forged for you by Inquisitor Taurus. Soon you will be sworn in in a special ceremony and receive your assignments to enact the will of the Secret Order.

Preator to the MAA

INQ Taurus

07 April, 2024 16:46
32 ABY

Since his appointment to Magistrate to the MAA, Legion Ordo has contributed a tremendous bit. From Constant pitching in into competitions, actually designing and running them and collecting data for new Games. He has helped as MAA in large parts and i want to honor this bit with his Elevation to Preator within my Office.
Congratulation Legion, keep up the good Work!

The Acolyte Official Trailer

RA Alexandre Morgan

19 March, 2024 15:52
32 ABY

The first trailer for the upcoming show The Acolyte has been published! Slated to premier beginning with two episodes on June 4th, the show will take place one hundred years before the events of The Phantom Menace. The show promises to highlight a darker aspect of Star Wars lore, with the tagline "In An Age Of Light - A Darkness Rises."

Click the image below to watch the trailer!

The Acolyte Poster