Dark Council

The Emperor's Hammer Secret Order is led by the Grand Master (GM), who is supported by Commander of the Guard (CG), Master-at-Arms (MAA), and the Herald (HRLD). When referred to as a group, these three positions are called the Dark Council.

Grand Master (GM / DC-1)

Grand Master (GM) Insignia

The Grand Master is the leader of the Secret Order and is appointed by the Fleet Commander. They have sweeping dictatorial powers over the Secret Order and grants all positions and powers. They serve as the keeper of the Dark Hall (the Secret Order's base of operations) and Governor Plenipotentiary of Eos (the Secret Order's home world). The Grand Master also holds the title of "Dark Lord of the Sith". Current and former Grand Masters are the only individuals throughout the Emperors Hammer territories who are afforded the title of "Lord". The Grand Master is also afforded the title of "Darth".

The Grand Master is Darth Surgo, and can be contacted at gm@emperorshammer.org.

Commander of the Guard (CG / DC-2)

Commander of the Guard (CG) Insignia

The Commander of the Guard is the second in command of the Secret Order and acts as leader in the Grand Master's absence. They are the only individual other than the Grand Master who has the authority to appoint leaders of Clans. The Commander of the Guard is the closest advisor of the Grand Master, bringing all matters before the Grand Master that might need his attention and helps them in making decisions. As right hand of the Dark Lord of the Sith, the Commander of the Guard executes the Grand Master's will. When the Grand Master feels that the Commander of the Guard has achieved a certain level of proficiency in the Ways of the Dark Side, the Commander of the Guard will become a fellow Sith Lord and be afforded the title of "Darth".

The Commander of the Guard is Inquisitor Honsou.

Master-at-Arms (MAA / DC-3)

Master-at-Arms (MAA) Insignia

The Master-at-Arms is charged with maintaining the Dark Jedi Roll and ensuring its accuracy. New Apprentices are processed by the Master-at-Arms, as well as Novices assigned to Clans. The Master-at-Arms is responsible for approving all rank promotions and position appointments within the Secret Order (apart from Dark Council roles), as well as transfers of members between Houses and Clans, and as such can deny these requests if they deem them unworthy or unacceptable. The Master-at-Arms furthermore has been charged with the task of ensuring that feuding Clans follow the rules of the Art of Vendetta.

The Master-at-Arms is Inquisitor Taurus.

Herald (HRLD / DC-4)

Herald (HRLD) Insignia

The Herald of the Secret Order is in charge of the creation of all insignias and hallmarks that all members of the Secret Order should carry as well as the creation and distribution of the appropriate Grant of Arms to each worthy Jedi. The Herald also manufactures the custom lightsabers and lightstaffs that all Jedi may carry once they reach the required rank. Furthermore the Herald may be approached as well for the creation of any other Grants of Arms and Crests of which a unit in the Secret Order is in need. In matters regarding the award, use, and distribution of Grants of Arms and Lightsabers, the Herald acts with full authority of the Grand Master.

The Herald is Inquisitor Khaz Bibble.