Brotherhood of Champions

Combat Event ID# 213
Game Platform Multi-platform
Main Contact MAJ Taurus
Event Dates 2024-01-29 (01:22) - 2024-03-24 (23:59)
Time remaining 20 days

Holotable Heroes of the Secret Order,
the time has come to celebrate the tactical skill that our battles in the Grand Arena Championship have honed! Clusters of Fire are now being given for round wins in the Grand Arena Championship game mode - let us see who in the Brotherhood can sow the most destruction as they rise through the brackets.
Beginning immediately through the end of GAC Season 49, you will compete with your brethren to see who can obtain the most Clusters of Fire!

This competition is open to any player with access to the Grand Arena Championship game mode in SW:GoH.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Per the MAA:AAM