The Illumine Strike Back: Helldivers 2

Competition ID #: 7763
Status: Open
Submitted by: D Surgo
Competition dates: 2024-03-17 - 2024-04-17
Time remaining: 5 days
Subgroup: Secret Order
Units involved: Secret Order

The Kilji Illumine menace has been pushed back, but before doing so, they have unleashed biological weapons upon the systems they had to retreat from: insectoid aliens have been drawn to populated worlds. Our mission is to drop in, destroy these hives, and protect the populace- who will, in turn, be indebted to the Emperor’s Hammer for our support.

In the game “Helldivers II”:

  • Play as many rounds as possible, and send screenshots of the "Misison Complete" screen using this form:
    • You will one point per round
    • Bonuses: earn an extra ⅓ point per each EH member you’re playing with, up to two points per round. (They do not have to be part of the SO.) They must be listed in the “Mission Complete” screenshot as part of your party. Please only submit one match per group; multiple members playing together should not send in separate submissions
  • To qualify for an award, you must also submit one of the following over email or Discord to Darth Surgo:
    • A fiction submission of at least 250 words describing one of your battles (any format; prose, logs, screenplay, mission design, etc.)
    • An art submission depicting your character in a battle (digital or physical - you can get creative. Lego dioramas, clay sculptures, aliens made out of carved beets…)
    • Any approved creative work; a song, an animation / movie, a custom mission, etc. Just ping Surgo first for approval
    • This is very open-ended, and creativity is rewarded just as much as skill. If you can justify it, you can send it in
Competition awards:
  • IS-CD through IS-CQ, top seven by points
    • A Kaiburr Star may be earned by the top player if they have at least 50 matches submitted by the end of the month
    • Standard rules apply; if fewer then seven participants, awards will be given from CR-Q on up.
  • The top seven art submissions, chosen by the Dark Council arbitrarily choosing their favorites and awarding points, will also earn an IS-CD through IS-CQ. (This means that someone without enough points to earn an award for playing may still earn an award for a creative submission!)

Competition runtime starts on the first day at 00:00:01 UTC, and ends on the last day at 23:59:59 UTC.