Get In, Trooper

Competition ID #: 7764
Status: Open
Submitted by: D Surgo
Competition dates: 2024-03-14 - 2024-04-14
Time remaining: 2 days
Subgroup: Secret Order
Units involved: Secret Order

The Battlefront Classic collection launches on March 14 - and we want you on the ground!

Play Battlefront Classic missions and submit Clusters of Fire as usual to the Master-at-Arms. You'll gain one point per kill earned. The top seven by score will earn Crescents.

Good luck, soldier!

Competition awards:

CR-D through Q for the top seven. Kaiburr star available for the top pilot if they submit at least 50 matches.

Competition runtime starts on the first day at 00:00:01 UTC, and ends on the last day at 23:59:59 UTC.